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Top Hiking/Biking/Walking Trails Surrounding The Cays

Convenience is usually a big part of condo living’s appeal, and The Cays is no exception to that. If you live in or around this community, you know the appeal of living in a luxury community, but still being close enough to shops, dining, transportation, and other important amenities. However, to lovers of the great outdoors, it may seem like living so close to modern conveniences means you won’t be within distance of a great nature experience. Luckily, this isn’t a problem with The Cays. There are plenty of great local trails for travel on foot or bike, and many are within reasonable distance. Here are 5 locations we think you’ll enjoy.


Camelback Mountain

You can’t talk about trails in southern Arizona without mentioning the iconic Camelback Mountain at least once. This popular location features two challenging trails, the 1.14-mile Echo Canyon Trail and the 1.4-mile Cholla Trail. The trails both lead to the peak of the mountain (ascending around 1,264 feet,) and each takes an average of 2 hours to complete out and back. Because of Camelback Mountain’s challenging trails and extreme popularity, you may find parking difficult here. Because of this it’s suggested you park a distance away and bike to the trailhead, where you’ll find convenient bike locks.


Sonoran Preserve Trails

These mountain preserves are your best choice if it’s variety you want. These preserves feature 10 distinct trails ranging from .22 miles to 3.82 miles. The elevation changes also offer variety, with the Union Peek Trail finishing at the summit of Union Peak–an elevation of 2,200 feet. A free map is also available online, giving you the freedom to customize your experience and explore many trails in a day. If you do decide to check the Sonoran Preserve Trails out, you’ll need to be careful: All trails are in the undeveloped desert, meaning you may encounter hazardous terrain and wildlife. If you’re up to that challenge, though, you’ll find a world of exploration here.


Lookout and Shadow Mountains

For a simpler, shorter hike, try these two smaller mountains. The trail to the summit of Lookout Mountain is only .6 miles, and only rises a bit over 500 feet. There’s also a 2.6-mile circumference trail where you’ll get to travel around the mountain. You can also travel around Shadow Mountains with the Big Loop (with a length of 1.6 miles) and the Small Loop (at .8 miles.) While both of these trails are short and not as demanding as some of the bigger, more well-known ones, keep in mind that like the Sonoran Preserve Trails, this is still undeveloped desert and you’ll need to prepare adequately.


Paseo Trail

If you’re looking for biking or walking action, you’ll be in heaven on Chandler’s Paseo Trail. The trail features a 10-foot-wide paved trail stretching 6.5 miles that’s perfect for walking, jogging and bicycling, and also features a dirt trail for bicycles and horseback riders. The trail also intersects with several major roads, making access easy. The path runs along the Consolidated Canal, an 18-mile waterway that offers fishing. One end of the trail is even connected to the Paseo Vista Recteation Area, a beautiful 64-acre park featuring an archery range, dog park, disc golf course, and playground.


Wind Cave Trail

For a great trail suited for walking, hiking and trail running, try this great 3.2-mile route. Open October through April, the trail is an out-and-back with an elevation gain of at least 800 feet, and can be completed in around 90 minutes. Along the way you’ll pass through a small cave, see saguaro cactus roots and other flora, and enjoy a moderate-to-difficult journey on varying terrain. This trail is gaining in popularity slowly, but there’s plenty of room for everyone, so you won’t have to worry about overcrowding! It’s suggested that you take some refreshments on this trail, such as fruit or water.


Free Things To Do in Arizona

Everyone can find excitement in exploring and discovering sights and activities where they live. At The Cays, we love to explore the state we live in. If you live in Arizona and find yourself in need of a destination, why not explore right in your own town? No matter where in the state you live, there are bound to be great activities that’ll catch your interests, from parks and museums to shows and tours. What’s even better is that many of these activities are completely free, so all you’ll really have to do is get there and enjoy. Here’s just a small selection of activities you can check out for a great, relaxing time.


Arizona State University Art Museum

If you’re an art lover, the ASU Art Museum is a safe bet, sure to have something you’ll find interesting. Located on the beautiful ASU campus, the museum is home to over 12,000 individual pieces divided into multiple collections, and has been called “the single most impressive venue for contemporary art in Arizona” by Art in America magazine. The ASU Art Museum’s history stretches back to 1950, and they entertain art lovers and scholars alike today with completely free admission, making it a must-stop on your trip.


Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

In July and August, football fans will absolutely want to make time for the Cardinals Training Camp. Here, you’ll get to see your favorite Cardinals members practice new plays, hear from the coach, get some autographs and pictures, and see how the team is shaping up before the new season. Camp takes place at the University of Phoenix Stadium, which offers free parking and admission for the event. There’s even a great inflatable play area for your kids! Cardinal’s fans won’t want to miss these chances to get to know their team, explore the stadium, and enjoy a great time out.


Sabino Canyon

Are you a fan of the great outdoors? You’ll want to explore the Sabino Canyon, a beautiful natural formation. Located north of Tucson in the Coronado National Forest, the canyon features numerous hiking trails of multiple difficulties, most notably a 3.8 mile paved path used for trams and cyclists. Visitors can also head down the Bear Canyon Trail and see the Sabino Dam up close, or head down the 3-hour hike to Seven Falls and enjoy wading. Guided tram tours are offered for a fee, but there’s no charge to explore the beauty of the canyon for yourself!


Mission San Xavier del Bac

If you’ve got an eye for architecture, make the trip to Mission San Xavier del Bac, a beautiful church in the Santa Cruz Valley. Founded way back in 1692 and constructed over 100 years later in 1797, the church serves as a place of worship for the village of Walk on the Tohono O’odham reservation. A prime example of mission architecture, the mission is a beautiful landmark filled with murals, antique artifacts, and a gorgeous alter that really must be seen. The church is still active today, and its history and culture are just as rich and deep as you think it’d be. Visitors can visit the church’s full gift shop, watch a short movie on the church’s past, or even attend a mass.


LocalMotion Trolley Tour

If you’re from around Scottsdale, you may be surprised at the history and culture that hides in the streets and buildings around you. If you’re ready to find out more about the city, check out this tour of downtown Scottsdale. You’ll learn trivia, history and myths, find new spots to eat, drink and play, and learn about the architecture and development of the city. There are short occasional stops at galleries, shops and other assorted landmarks, and all of your transit is handled by a professional driven in an air-conditioned trolley. The tour and parking are absolutely free, but the LocalMotion Trolley Tour is a popular one so you’ll want to make reservations early to claim your seat.


10 Fun Activities in Ocotillo, AZ

Ocotillo is a beautiful community with a lot to offer, but even if you’ve been around The Cays for a while you may find yourself missing out. The surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities and attractions, so there’s a good chance you’ll find something you love doing. The activities and events available are pretty numerous, so we’ve put together a list of 10 that we think you’ll enjoy.


Ocotillo Golf Resort

This 27 hole traditional-style course rests in the heart of Chandler and prides itself on offering a private-style experience in a public club. It also offers pricing specials and reservations, packages for families, and special guidelines to ensure golfers aren’t waiting too long to play through. Players can start or finish the day with a meal at Bernard’s, a restaurant on the resort grounds offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hour specials.



Sedona Adventure Tours

Looking for an adventure? Why not try kayaking? Sedona Adventure Tours offers a variety of seasonal guided tours where you and your friends can explore the waters from the safety of special inflatable kayaks. You’ll see beautiful foliage, come close to all sorts of animals, and see natural landmarks up-close. The main tour will take you on a 3-hour tour down the Verde River, but when the weather gets too cold Sedona offers other options for you to check out, including wine tasting trips.



Chandler Center for the Arts

If you’d rather take in a stage show, the Chandler Center for the Arts may have something for you. Founded to bring visual and performing arts to the region, the Center holds 3 theaters and a 2,000 square foot exhibition gallery. The Center designates Friday through Sunday as public performance days, and holds a wide variety of excellent live performances weekly. Depending on when you go, you may catch a ballet, see your favorite artist perform, or even see the Chandler Symphony Orchestra free!



Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino

If you’d rather test your luck and make a little money, spend some time at Wild Horse Pass. This hotel and casino features poker, slots, blackjack, pai gow, and more. After you’ve enjoyed the games, try a meal at one of several great restaurants, or just relax with a drink in a great selection of nightclubs, lounges and bars.



Hot Air Expeditions

If you’d like to see a bird’s-eye view of the state, this is the best way to do it. Taking guests on trips up to 3,000 feet, Hot Air Expeditions is a great way to see the desert like you’ve never seen it before as your pilot shows you the sights. Plus, your landing will be met by a ground crew who will prepare a delicious meal for you courtesy of Vincent’s on Camelback.



Chandler Fashion Center

With over 180 stores and 5 well-known anchors, this mall is a shopper’s dream. Here, you’ll be able to choose from top brands like Apple, Forever 21, Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, Abercrombie & Fitch, and much more. The mall offers 2 floors of shopping, and boasts the distinction of second-largest shopping center in the area.



Stratum Laser Tag

Stratum claims to be “the World’s Largest Technotainment Laser Tag Arena and Entertainment Center,” and it has 18,000 square feet to back it up. Stratum hosts matches that take around 20 minutes to complete, and can accommodate up to 60 people in their 13,000 square foot arena. Plenty of regular specials are offered, and the facility can be rented for events of all kinds.



Arizona Railway Museum

Founded in 1983, This educational museum takes you on a historical journey of the machine that fueled the industrial revolution, all the way up to present day. This museum displays railway equipment, artifacts and mementos related to railway travel.



Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival

Here’s something a little different! The annual Ostrich Festival is a great family event featuring carnival rides, shows, food, and of course, ostriches. Every show and attraction is included on the price of admission, making this a great place to go with your whole family. You may even get the chance to see a live ostrich or pig race!


Arizona Science Center

There’s nothing quite like hands-on learning, and with over 300 permanent exhibits and rotating features, there’s no better place to do it than the Arizona Science Center. 7 Themed galleries hold the displays, and the grounds also feature a planetarium and full IMAX theater. The center also hosts monthly “Adults’ Night Out” events, where guests 18 years or older can explore the Center’s four floors for free.


Buying a Condo versus Buying a House

Buying your next home is no small task. For many people a place to relax, enjoy friends and family, and separate from the outside world. If you’re looking to move into a new home, you’ve got some choices ahead of you, and we’re here to educate you on the differences between owning a home versus a condo.


Homes are typically located in quiet, residential areas. This lets them separate from the busier commercial areas, but it also means time-consuming travel whenever residents need to go anywhere for leisure or entertainment. Condos tend to be closer to useful city landmarks, but separated enough that residents can still enjoy peace and privacy. Homes and condos both come in a wide variety of different styles, but homes are more prone to being designed to fit the style of a neighborhood, while condos act as their own neighborhood and can have a style of their own.


Homes and Condos can both be leased, or owned. At The Cays at Ocotillo, our Condos are full ownership in a desirable location. Our buyers can purchase from a wide range of floor plans from a 1 bedroom suite to a top floor Penthouse Loft suite. The standard quality finishing items are top quality with the ability to customize your condo suite to your preference within our Design Center is a great feature.


Homeowner’s associations may sound daunting, but the benefits they give are one of the biggest advantages condo life has over house life. Within most single family communities, home ownership provides freedom over your property, but that also comes with maintenance. Having to keep your property maintained and landscaped through all seasons is time consuming, a financial burden, and energy to deal with that task. For condo ownership, maintenance of the common areas and the landscaped grounds is taken care of for you. Usually, membership in an HOA requires regular fees, and those fees go toward upkeep of the property, maintaining the common areas of the building, and amenities/facilities such as Heated Resort Pool/Spa, Clubhouse, Fitness Center, and other features. Each HOA operates differently, so you’ll have to check with the building’s management to see what the requirements are.


Home ownership and condo ownership both come with benefits, so weighing all options is important when making your final decision. Depending on the location of your condo, you’ll also get to enjoy being in proximity to the city, giving you better access to shopping, recreation, dining, and other activities. Additionally, most condos feature a number of high-class amenities.

We are happy to review with you the great features for amenities and facilities that are provided at The Cays at Downtown Ocotillo. (480) 248-3737. www.thecaysatocotillo.com.


Possible $700 Million Build-Out Coming to Chandler, Park Place

What’s Coming?


The city of Chandler is a growing community and a beautiful city, and it continues to grow. A developer from San Diego is planning to build a speculative office, retail and restaurant building in Chandler. Alongside that, he is planning to build a 210-room hotel for business travelers. The new addition to Chandler will certainly be welcome, as it is sure to be a beautiful space. Douglas Allred Co. is investing $700 million into the development build out.


The future development will be located at Price Road and Willis road, and is in an ideal area near the junction of 101 and the 202 (freeways in Phoenix).



The office building will be a class A (highest quality construction and design, and premium on-site management) and will be 92,000- square feet. This along with the hotel, retail and restaurant buildings will be located at the Park Place Business Park.



Although the Drury Inn & Suites business hotel will surely be building at the Park Place Complex, the office, retail and restaurants build outs are currently based on speculation. However, according to bizjournals quick snippet interview with company president Dave Allred, he made a convincing statement.


“Our research indicates a need for upscale retail amenities and restaurants with outdoor covered patios that folks can enjoy. Our goal is to create a unique destination for the people who live and work along the Price Road Corridor and Chandler.”


Check out the original article in the link above to learn more about the build out. Chandler is a beautiful city, and we welcome future neighbors to our luxury community!
When buying a condo, a main concern is always, “what about the location?” Of course, buying a luxury home is a big decision. Our location rests beside 167 Acres of man-made lakes, a championship golf course, and a beautifully designed community of downtown Ocotillo. Not only is our community gorgeous, but so is our city, and it may get just a little better!