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Why location matters: The Cays at Ocotillo

Location is the biggest factor to consider when buying a new home. You may be surprised to discover that your home’s location, not your home, has the biggest effect on your overall happiness while you reside therein. It not only effects the home’s value, but a great location ensures a great life for you.

Looking for a New Place to Live

When looking for a new place to live, you consider the long term benefits your future home can offer. Looking at the area and surroundings will give you a feel for the kind of home that you’re investing in. If you are considering The Cays at Ocotillo, rest assured that the location you are exploring comes jam packed with benefits and luxuries that many home owners can only dream of.

Location Matters

The Cays at Ocotillo has the best of everything. Located within walking distance of the best shopping, dining, and fantastic amenities, our condos sit on prime real estate in Chandler, AZ. Residents of The Cays at Downtown Ocotillo enjoy their own resort cards, which gives users a discount at the 27-hole Golf Course nearby, the Pro Shop, and the great restaurants of Ocotillo.

Looking to explore more of Phoenix? We are also near attractions like Rawhide at Wild Horse Pass and the Wild Horse Resort and Casino, the nearby Chandler Fashion Mall and the Phoenix Premium Outlets. As you can see, we are conveniently located for travel. You can hop on the nearby Loop 202 (Santa Freeway), Loop 101, I-10 and Highway 60. Absolutely awesome access to all of the major freeways


Habits that you need to change on the Green: Golf Tips from The Cays

Golf is hugely popular across the world, and particularly in the States: here at The Cays at Ocotillo, our residents are lucky enough to have the amazing Ocotillo Golf Resort nearby. This is a gorgeous course with waterfalls, colorful flowers, and stunning greenery all combining for one of the most pleasant settings you can enjoy your favorite game in.

This golf course is home to 27 holes, and accommodates players on a daily-fee policy: no expensive memberships are required to enjoy a leisurely game-day. We want to help you enjoy your life here at The Cays as much as we can, so to add a little more to your golfing sessions, we’ve put together a few tips!

Let’s look at the habits you need to change on the green.

Fun in the sun: Nearby Hamilton Aquatic Center

Living at The Cays At Ocotillo puts you in close proximity to the fantastic Hamilton Aquatic Center – this is a key attraction for locals, and provides a great range of amenities to keep you entertained! People of all ages are welcome at the center, and senior citizens can enjoy the amenities for a discounted rate – this is a popular place to relax and unwind.

The center is open for business every day of the week, with hours varying between seasons (May 28th to July 19th): whether you want to swim, take part in water-based classes, or just stay cool in the sun, you’ll find plenty to keep coming back for!

We want to offer residents all the help, information, and advice you need to get the most out of your area – Chandler is a beautiful place, with lots to see and do. Join us as we explore the Hamilton Aquatic Center! (more…)

Relax at Aji Spa and Salon Near The Cays

Chandler’s Wild Horse Pass is a prime spot of authentic Arizona beauty. Here, wild horses roam the area free, and locals keep ancient traditions alive and well – the Aji Spa is the world-leading provider of Native American Healing. The Gila River Indian Community offer a range of amazing treatments and facilities to help you relax, unwind, and enjoy an experience that nourishes both the body and spirit like nothing else.

At The Cays of Ocotillo, we’re passionate about helping our wonderful residents make the most of this gorgeous area. The Aji Spa comes highly recommended, and is the perfect way to connect with the traditional practices of locals.

Let’s take a look at the range of treatments and facilities available.