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Phoenix Real Estate Market to Keep Blazing in 2017

Realtor.com predicts another banner year for Phoenix real estate markets.  The website’s economic team released its annual market forecast last week and while the report predicted a slight slowdown for the U.S. real estate market as a whole, they expect Phoenix to continue strong growth through 2017.

“According to our forecasts, the western U.S. will continue to lead the nation in prices and sales,” the article reports.  “The top 10 markets all benefit from strong growth dynamics: population, jobs, and households,” says Jonathan Smoke, realtor.com’s chief economist.  

The team forecasts average price gains of 5.8% and sales growth of 6.3%, compared to anticipated national growth of just 3.9% and 1.9% respectively.  Limited availability of homes for sale is being eased somewhat by growth in new construction, however, there isn’t enough new construction to keep pace with growth, according to Smoke.   (more…)

9 Surprising Facts about Chandler AZ You Didn’t Know

Chandler, AZ has a rich history to go along with its beautiful scenery and amazing atmosphere. Some Chandler natives may know a few of these fun facts about Chandler, AZ but probably not all of them.


Named for a Canadian!

Strange and surprising fact number one? Chandler, AZ was named for a Canadian migrant. Doctor AJ Chandler was a veterinarian who moved to the Chandler area in the year 1891. Doctor Chandler had been born, raised, and educated in the Province of Quebec, in Canada. The town itself was founded in 1912.


Home of the Gangplank

An office building for those without an office, the Gangplank is a drop-in work station. Entrepreneurs go there to work, learn from each other, and benefit from the same social atmosphere those in traditional office buildings enjoy.


Tumbleweed Tree

For more than 50 years, the south-western tradition of creating a huge tumbleweed tree has drawn the attention of Chandler residents and visitors alike. The event involves tying approximately 2000 tumbleweeds together and decorating the tree with more than 65 lbs of glitter, 1200 lights, and 25 lbs of colored paint.


Drinking Wells

Chandler’s drinking water comes from the city’s 22 wells. Chandler’s Erie well has produced approximately 8 and a half billion gallons of drinking water. The oldest well in Chandler, the Erie has been operating since the late 1940s.



Several celebrities are from Chandler, AZ, many of them star athletes. These include:

  • Rapper Ice-T
  • WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels
  • Former NFL players Brian Urlacher and Donovan Mcnabb
  • Phoenix Suns’ Channing Frye


Historical Landmarks

In addition to the first Arizona luxury resort, Chandler is home to a few other historical landmarks of interest, including:

  • First National Bank, which was founded in 1920
  • Espinoza’s Food Center, open since 1957
  • Former Air Force jet, the F-86 Sabre, one of the USAF’s first ever fighter jets
  • The McCullough-Price House, now a museum and the town Visitor’s Center


Crazy Carl

Taking alliteration to an entirely new level, Crazy Carl opened a Crematorium. And yes, the city’s crematorium is actually named Crazy Carl’s Crematorium. Go figure.


The Ostrich Festival

This odd-but-fun rodeo-type festival features carnival rides, unbelievably amazing food, and adventurous athletes, hilariously racing on the backs of ostriches. The Ostrich Festival is an annual event that happens each March, and has been a strong local tradition for 26 years.


Birthplace of the… Heart Attack Grill?

The hospital themed restaurant is staffed by waitresses wearing provocative nurse uniforms, and they take orders with a prescription pad. Now housed in Las Vegas, NV, the Heart Attack Grill offers a painfully delicious sounding menu that may make you wish those nurses had their RN training.


Going Strong and On the Rise: Commercial Growth in Chandler, AZ

Chandler, Arizona, can boast a lot of things: 300+ days of sunshine a year, nearly 100,000 new residents in the last 10 years, and a forward-thinking community ambiance that encourages innovation and invention. Located in a prime area for both tourism and technology, Chandler supports a work force that is well educated and skilled, and is home to industries that appreciate that resource; bio-science, its newest addition, is a great draw for the best and brightest. What else has contributed to Chandler’s steadily rising commercial base?

Chandler, Arizona

1. It’s an innovation “incubator”—literally!

Chandler is home to the Innovations Science and Technology Incubator, a 60,000-square-foot facility that offers what they call a “one-stop shop” for entrepreneurs in life sciences and emerging technology. Located in a former Intel building, it gives entrepreneurs turnkey state-of-the-art facilities: wet and dry labs, vacuum and air, refrigeration and freezing, phones, free Wi-Fi, telecom cabling, and much more. Including all the usual expected business-center perks such as reception areas, meeting rooms, and private office space, it also features top-of-the-line mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.


Of course, infrastructure’s only part of the equation when it comes to innovation; the finest “better mousetrap” in the world can’t get off the ground if no one in the wider world knows about it! That’s why the Incubator also offers its users access to educational institutions, funding sources, and opportunities to showcase inventions and innovations on a large scale. Providing all these “nuts and bolts” while enabling innovators to keep their entrepreneurial focus is a “best of both worlds” approach that spurs ripple effects of expansion, improvement, and positive change across the board.

2. It’s a dream destination.

Chandler’s rapid growth isn’t just connected with work, either. Some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world are in this stunning desert setting, with plenty of recreational opportunities for all, just minutes away from your hotel room or condo. Among these offerings are world-class golf facilities, luxurious resorts, restaurants offering cuisines from all over America (and the world), terrific shopping, and a never-ending calendar of special events and holidays in the city of Chandler itself.


Not only is the climate (and welcome) warm and sunny, but Chandler is easy to get to as well: a mere 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, it’s a convenient getaway for everyone from “snowbirds” arriving for Spring Training baseball to fans of Great American Barbecue (and Beer)…from Native American art aficionados to folks looking for a citywide Block Party…and from ostrich lovers (yes, there’s a festival for them!) to classic-car buffs. In short, if you like to do it in your leisure time, chances are you’ll find a place in Chandler where you can do it with lots of convivial company!


3. It’s focused on prosperity.

One of the major ways Chandler engenders healthy commercial growth is through CIDA, the Chandler Industrial Development Authority. Through revenue bonds, the Authority provides funds for financing or refinancing the acquisition, construction, rehabbing, or equipping of a project—as well as construction from scratch. Bonds can be used for either purchasing or leasing land, buildings, or machinery, and eligible enterprises run the gamut from manufacturing (already the employment of over 45,000 Chandler residents) to health care; historic preservation to R&D; convention or trade show venues to waste disposal facilities or transportation hubs; housing of various types; and nonprofits such as child care, educational, or relief agencies providing myriad services to the community at large.


As a “conduit” lender, the CIDA is a “pass-through” for funds from bond purchasers to business borrowers. This enables both sides to gain tax benefits as well, since under IRS guidelines interest paid on the loans is largely excluded from gross income for federal and Arizona tax liability. This tax-friendly way to fund growth makes Chandler an attractive spot for both inception of brand-new businesses and services and revamping already existing ones.


Melding a Colorful Past with a Promising Future

All of this happens in an atmosphere dedicated to both preservation and redevelopment of the best of Chandler’s roots, e.g. historic Downtown Chandler’s office users. Chandler’s goal is to become an urban environment as holistic as it is historic. It’s a winning formula that continues to attract youthful spirits and innovative thinking…and increased growth for years to come.


Suggestions for Healthy Shopping: Chandler Farmers Market and Organic Farms

Every day, more of us seek the healthier lifestyle that eating natural, fresh food can bring us—and lots of us look for organic farms and markets as a result. If you’re in Chandler, Arizona, you’re in luck: you have multiple options, either in downtown Chandler itself or in the nearby surrounding area, to choose from. Here are a few of the more popular options for health-conscious food shoppers in the Chandler area.

Farmers Market Vegetables

Fresh Fun Downtown

First of all, you’ll want to check out the Chandler Farmers Market, which is in session every Thursday from October to May on the East Side of Dr. AJ Chandler Park. From 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. every week, you can find a terrific selection of fresh produce, tamales, body products, relishes, and more. The “more” has included a free community book exchange, live music, pumpkin decorating, seed swaps…and it’s only getting better.

In addition to their formal Farmers Market involvement, Jeff Scott Farms (the Market’s primary supplier) maintains a presence every week there throughout the summer. Although Jeff Scott Farms is not a certified organic producer, shoppers can be assured that the produce is farmed with all-natural methods and is of the highest quality.

For information—or to participate as a crafter or vendor—consult the folks at Downtown Chandler Community Partnership, a nonprofit engaged in the mission of advancing the development of Chandler as a key regional “hot spot” for shopping, dining, art, culture, and just plain good living!

A Cooperative Option

For those who enjoy being as much a part of the process as consuming the product, the Desert Roots Farm, Queen Creek, Arizona, is one of the farms that operates on a CSA (community shared agriculture) basis. Once you purchase a share in the farm, you then receive a box or bag of seasonal produce each week of the season. All Desert Roots produce is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and all of it is fresh-picked just before the share is packaged every week, assuring you the best possible nutritional content.

Typically, the box or bag (or basket!) will contain vegetables, but CSAs can offer homemade breads, meats, cheeses, fruits, flowers, or other products as well. Each CSA farm is different—and you shouldn’t expect your “box” to be all the produce you buy every week (most CSAs don’t give out enough fruit, for example, to supply a whole family for a week). But the up side to that is that if you love to can or freeze fresh produce for later use, often your CSA farmer will be more than happy to let you have larger amounts at key times to “put up” for when the growing season is over.

Filling Out the Plate

What will you have with those veggies from your CSA box? Protein from natural, sustainable livestock farming, of course. Sidra Farms in Chandler can round out your meal with a wide variety of meat from beef and lamb to goat and game birds. Additional goodies they offer include goat cheese and other dairy products, oats, herbs, and even wool. It’s all at Sidra: a one-stop shop for everything from the roast for Sunday’s dinner to grain for cobbler, plus fiber to spin into yarn and knit socks for the winter. Now that’s sustainability!

Which Came First?

If you’ve never had organically-raised chickens and eggs, you’re in for a treat when you check out Lucky Chicken Farms, located near Chandler Heights and McQueen, Arizona. Lucky Chicken is a family affair with a community focus as well: Sally Stevens, the owner, embraces the mission to start “many small chicken farms on currently unused land.” The family is most enthused about both people and chickens living “the good life.”

Eggs can be ordered easily (by phone or online) and picked up the following Thursday or Friday at Gilbert, Arizona (Power & Queen Creek). Inquiries about the eggs, the chickens, or starting your own chicken farm are more than welcome. As for why the chickens are lucky? It’s because they’re loved, of course!

Improving Your Health on Many Levels…

…is the ultimate aim of Chandler’s organic and sustainable farmers. Enjoy the downtown Market or go a little further afield; either way, you’ll bring home flavorful, nutritious offerings that are light years better than processed grocery store food and support agriculture right in your own neighborhood.

Holidays of all Kinds In Chandler, Arizona

With over 300 days of sunshine a year at our resort community , Chandler, Arizona, inspires residents and visitors alike to enjoy a host of special events, holidays, and festivals. Some of these are one-of-a-kind events unique to Chandler itself, such as the Ostrich Festival in March—a tribute to the area’s historic ostrich farms—and the Tumbleweed Tree Lighting Ceremony and Parade of Lights, featuring the only tumbleweed Christmas tree in the entire U.S. Here are just a handful of the many special days you can celebrate in Southwest style.

Christmas cactus

America’s Pastime

Love baseball? You’ll love Chandler and the entire Phoenix area for Spring Training. The Cactus League, featuring 15 major league teams, had its beginnings in 1947 with the Cleveland Indians and New York Giants coming to the Arizona desert to knock away the winter “cobwebs” before Opening Day. Of course, the fans followed…and the rest has been happy history.


Today, the Phoenix area boasts the largest concentration of pro baseball anywhere in the country; stadiums are short drives from one another, and there are plenty of hotel rooms to accommodate the “snowbirds” who follow their favorites so faithfully. With a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, family-friendly ticket prices, and that ever-present sunshine, the Cactus League draws throngs year after year—and helps make this area a terrific place to spend February or March.


Doing the Tech Crawl…

If your tastes run less to athletic events and more to the pursuit of glorious “geekdom,” then February’s Science Festival will be right up your alley. For three days, Chandler puts its spotlight on inventions and inventors, technology, and practical science, showcasing businesses and students participating in the Arizona SciTech Festival.


Among the fun: the “tech crawl,” in which local hi-tech businesses open their doors and let you peek behind the scenes; the Art of Science, where the monthly Chandler Art Walk is focused on the science behind art, food, drink, beauty, and innovation; and Science Saturday, with interactive demonstrations that impart  “sneaky learning” to the whole family.


…or Cruisin’ in a Classic

If you’re a gear head, February’s your time in Chandler, thanks to the Classic Car and Hot Rod Show. Founded in 2003 by Maury Williamson and the late Jerry Biondi (owners of an old-time barbershop in the historic downtown), this festival combines the founders’ love of classic cars and vintage hot rods and a desire to give back to the community. Since its inception, the show has raised over $100,000 for nonprofits such as ICAN, Well-Founded Hope, and Dogs-4-Vets; since 2003, the festival has tripled in size and continues to grow more popular every year.


Birds of a Different Feather

Close on the heels of baseball-fan snowbirds come…ostriches. Really!

In earlier times, ostrich feathers graced the wearing apparel of well-dressed ladies, and Chandler’s ostrich ranchers raised the birds to supply those ladies’ dress and hat makers with the beautiful (and expensive!) plumes. Now, you won’t find too many ostrich ranches anywhere—but you can still find a focus on ostriches in Chandler during mid-March. Hundreds of thousands of people flock (no pun intended) to Tumbleweed Park for a family event that features everything from nationally-known entertainers to arts and crafts collections, carnival games, great food and, of course, ostrich races!

And That’s Just the Beginning.

Rounding out March are a city St. Patrick’s Day bash and the Great American BBQ and Beer Festival, with national barbecue champions competing to the accompaniment of blues, country, and rock performers. Naturally, the Southwest wouldn’t be the Southwest without a notable Cinco de Mayo celebration, too; Chandler does theirs in style with Chihuahua Races featuring four-footed competitors vying for honors as Fastest Little Dog in the West. The Fourth of July brings in tons of family fun with a free carnival, bike parade, and—of course—a spectacular fireworks show.


Then, it’s time for the fall and winter holiday season to kick off with the Chuck Wagon Cook-Off (including a kids’ competition) and “Rock the Block,” a November event billed as the Biggest Party in Chandler. Before you know it, it’s time for Santa to make his annual appearance in the Southwest. The city welcomes some 12,000 happy spectators who watch the mayor light the Tumbleweed Tree, then tour Santa’s House and enjoy holiday treats.


Something for Everyone

From January’s Multicultural Festivals to Native American Art and Craft fairs to good old-fashioned outdoor adventures, Chandler embraces it all—and they’re waiting for you with warm sunshine, warm welcomes, and warm smiles. In Chandler, it’s always a good time for a party!

Looking For a New Job in Chandler? Where to Start

Our resort community, The Cays at Ocotillo wishes to always provide and serve. So if you’re entering or re-entering the Chandler, AZ workforce, we recommend some options available that will make the process easier. The State of Arizona has three agencies that are able to help those that are seeking employment, throughout the state.

Job Hunting

Maricopa Workforce Connections – One-Stop Career Centers

Across Arizona, there are several Employment One-Stop Career Centers, offering services that connect employees and employers. In Maricopa County, the One-Stop Career Centers are run as part of Maricopa Workforce Connections.

Funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act, their services are free, and include the following job-search assistance:

  • Assistance developing and reviewing résumés
  • Aptitude testing and skill assessments
  • Career counselling
  • Resources and job market information
  • Various workshops to improve your employment readiness


Arizona Job Connection

On the AZJobConnection.gov site, jobseekers can search through available jobs. They also offer two different Job Seeker accounts, Basic or Plus accounts, which provide users with different levels of resources. The Basic account offers:

  • A Personal profile, including a resume
  • Advanced job search abilities
  • Email updates
  • Saving job search specifics to your profile

Plus accounts offer all of these benefits, but also include:

  • Services that have staff members match you with an ideal job
  • Training and Skills certification programs
  • Additional services for American Veterans


Education and Training

If you’re searching for a new job in Chandler, it can help if you have a good education and workplace training. You can achieve your educational and training goals, while working toward better employment opportunities, with the assistance of Arizona’s Dept. of Education. They offer adult education for citizens aged 16 and over, as well as career-based, technical educational services.

For job-seekers aged 16 to 24, you can visit the Tucson or Phoenix Job Corps locations for free training and education opportunities.

Arizona’s Dept. of Commerce offers additional training programs such as:

  • The Job Training Grant Program
  • An Apprenticeship Program


The Economic Security Dept. offers several different training opportunities, a few of which include:

  • Dislocated workers program
  • Youth and adult programs
  • Farmworker programs
  • Programs for senior citizens seeking volunteer employment
  • Veteran assistance programs
  • Trade Assistance Act programs


Additional Options for Job-Seekers in Chandler, AZ

The world of online employment opportunities has really opened up, and doesn’t limit you to local opportunities. If you’re having a difficult time finding traditional employment opportunities, there are online outlets for skilled workers, including:

  • Those skilled at writing, editing, translating, or transcribing
  • People with experience in website coding or design
  • Customer service positions
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Research assistant jobs


The majority of these can be learned while working, and while they may not pay all of your bills, they’re something to keep you going while you’re looking and getting retrained.


Job Fairs

There are frequent job fairs in the Chandler, AZ area, where job-seekers can go to introduce themselves, hand in resumes, and possibly even hold on the spot interviews with potential employers.

Similar to job fairs, there are Hiring Events, sponsored by a particular employer or industry, and they meet, greet, and interview several job-seekers during these events. This saves them time, as well as saving you time, and it’s a great place to start.


Online Classifieds

The innumerable online classifieds sites can be a little overwhelming. A few of the most reputable are:

  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • Simply Hired
  • Craigslist


While You’re Waiting

If you’re in a tight spot while you’re waiting for a new job lead to work out, there are assistance programs that are in place to help. One such program is the Community Action Program by the Chandler Christian Community Center. They offer to those in need:

  • Financial assistance in emergencies, including housing, shelter, utilities, and referrals
  • Ongoing support including financial education, referrals, training, and goal planning


Three Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Now

Real estate has always been known as a great investment—whether for your primary residence or as income property. Of course, the recent recessions and rushes of foreclosures have left more than one property owner wondering if that would still be true going forward! But in fact, now may be one of the best times to consider jumping back into the housing market, especially if you’re looking for income-producing investments with a fairly low amount of risk.

Invest in real estate
There are many reasons property ownership can pay off. Here are just a few of them:


1. Long-Term Returns

Yes, the real estate markets have been a bit scary lately. If you’ve been upside-down in your mortgage, come close to losing your home, or had to scale down and sell at a loss, you could be feeling less than bubbling optimism about the wisdom of owning property again. However, when it comes to real estate (as with any major investment), the key is in being willing to see a big picture…as in years to recoup an investment, rather than weeks or months.


Despite recent setbacks, real estate is still a great back-end investment vehicle: looking back even as few as 30 years shows that real estate is still valued much higher now than it was then. And—while nothing’s turning around at lightning speed—the economy has at least mildly rebounded, banks are becoming more creative, and there’s more real estate available for purchase than ever before. If you’re patient and willing to take a long view, this is a great time to throw your owner-hat in the ring.


2. Mortgage Offsets

While no one relishes profiting off another’s misfortune, the fact also remains that a rash of foreclosures such as we’ve seen of late results in an influx of folks looking to rent while they get back on sound financial footing. Also, keep in mind that by and large, people who’ve been in houses prefer to rent another house rather than an apartment; there can be a perception that moving to an apartment is taking a step backward rather than forward.


So if you’ve always thought income property would be an excellent way to build yourself a nest egg, these people can soon be your best friends. Not only will their rent checks help offset your mortgage, tax, and insurance payments; former homeowners also tend to treat rental properties as if the homes are their own, which usually means they treat your property better than a renter who’s used to apartments alone.


3. Relocation Bargains

If you’re flexible about your chosen location, you might be amazed what the same dollar will buy from one place to another. At present, real estate bargains can be had in Arizona, Florida, California, Michigan, and Nevada—in most cases, with no sacrifice of amenities, lifestyle, or cultural opportunities. Even if your state’s among the pricier locales, there’s a world of difference (literally) between what a given price will buy in a city center versus the “bang for your buck” you’ll get in the suburbs or a few miles further down the road, in a rural setting.


It’s important to note that lower housing costs can go hand in hand with lower pay rates—something to consider before you leave behind “golden handcuffs” in a high-powered career. But if you’re also looking to simplify, scale down, or slow the pace of your life to stop and smell more roses, relocating can be the closest thing to a perfect decision you can make. With housing being by far most people’s largest living expense, any savings you reap on that side of the ledger gives you options you might not have otherwise: an early retirement, travel, or helping loved ones. Even one of those, all by itself, might prove to be more than enough reason to give yourself a change of scenery…while keeping more “change” in your pocket.


Taking the Profitable Plunge

Whatever reasons property ownership appeals to you—whether you need a new home for your growing family or want to begin generating income from rentals—right now is a great time to gather information, research the possibilities, and take the plunge into real estate. Years from now, it’ll still be an investment that keeps on giving.

Top Fine Dining Locations near the Cays

If you’re looking for the perfect fine dining experience near The Cays, Chandler, AZ has a variety of amazing restaurants. Known for our satisfactory foods, Chandler is proud to offer this amazing selection of fine dining restaurants, all of them offering a unique and wonderful dining experience.

Empty glasses in restaurant


With a wine list that’s been given the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence four years in a row, Fleming’s Steakhouse is an excellent example of the best Chandler has to offer. Test your tastes with their 100 different wines all by the glass, and enjoy either steak or seafood.

Perfect for large dining events, Fleming’s has private dining options, including three separate private rooms, their elegant patio, and the option of reserving the entire restaurant for your party.

The atmosphere is amazing – a truly beautiful restaurant, with great staff, delicious wine selections, and a superb menu by the finest chefs.



Serving fine foods and amazing wines each evening, this unique restaurant is certainly one of the best fine dining experiences in the Chandler area. Roy’s is located in Casa Paloma, and has a beautifully huge aquarium, with 500 gallons of saltwater and filled with lovely sea-life.

Their Aloha Hour from 4:30 until 7:00 each evening offers amazing hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. In the dining room, enjoy their sensational dinners, and see their signature exhibition kitchen.


D-Vine Bistro & Wine Bar

With craft beers, only the best wine selections, and hand-crafted cocktails, D-Vine is definitely one of the best in all of Chandler. Your meal here will be a treat for the eyes as well as the tastes, as their chef is always sure to present dishes in the most beautiful way possible. And with the live music, always at a low-level background volume, fine dining on Fridays is even better.



Chandler’s Outback Steakhouse is the perfect marriage between fine dining and spicy steakhouse. With traditional outback Aussie foods, and their mouth-watering Aussie-tizers, they turn steakhouse foods into a thing of delectable beauty.



Winner of the 2014 OpenTable Diner’s Choice award, their menu, with unique creative cuisine and timeless favourites, is just the beginning of your fine dining experience at CHoP Chandler. The entire experience is one of a high quality steakhouse, and the chef delivers on that, time after time. The bar has quality cocktails, and the restaurant has amazing foods and chic décor.


The Old Spaghetti Factory

Four course meals made from scratch on-site is the promise at Old Spaghetti Factory. At the Chandler location, you can enjoy their signature décor, including intricate displays of beautiful stained glass, antique lighting, and their incredible trolley car dining hall. They off their fine foods at lunch and dinner, and have special menu options for children, seniors, and large groups.



Located in the Sheraton Wild Horsepass Resort, Kai offers elegant dining experiences, to guests aged 13 and over. Enjoy their signature cocktails, wonderful wines, and masterpiece meals from Tuesday through Saturday evenings. They serve a special menu option, a Journey Tasting, 13-course meal. They also ask that all guests adhere to their strict dress code of business-casual, and refrain from using electronics in the dining room.


Buca di Beppo Chandler

Buca di Beppo offers an amazing and authentic Italian Dining experience. This includes meals that are served and shared family-style, passed around the table, and enjoyed as a group. The unique experience this offers will be sure to bring you and your friends or family together, making your fine dining in Chandler fun and enjoyable.

Their authentic menu is filled with delicious ideas for your meals, and have something for everyone, so you’ll be sure to find something that your entire party will enjoy sharing.