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Intel to invest $7 billion for Intel factory in Chandler, AZ

President Donald Trump and the CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, met on February 8th 2017. Together they announced a $7 billion investment to revive a semiconductor factory in Arizona that will be employing up to 3,000 people.

The semiconductor factory will be in Chandler, Arizona and over 10,000 people in the area of Arizona will support the semiconductor factory.  The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich confirmed with many national news sources that the investment over the next three to four years would be to complete Fab 42, which was started in the past but never completed.

“America has a unique combination of talent, a vibrant business environment and access to global markets, which has enabled U.S. companies like Intel to foster economic growth and innovation. Our factories support jobs — high-wage, high-tech manufacturing jobs that are the economic engines of the states where they are located.” – Brian Krzanich says during his meeting with the Trump administration.

Shortly after the meeting, Donald Trump tweeted his thanks to Brian Krzanich saying the factory is a great investment for American jobs and innovation.

Trump's tweet to Intel CEO


About Intel

Most of Intel’s manufacturing happens in the U.S. The semiconductor factory will be producing the most powerful 7 nanometer computer chips in the world. These chips will power the most complicated and sophisticated computers, sensors, data centers, and other high-tech devices. They will allow more access to things like artificial intelligence, advanced cars, transportation services, medical research and treatment, and more. These areas require having the highest amount of computing power, the most data storage, access to the fastest networks, smallest chip size, and other benefits that come from Moore’s Law.

Intel is America’s largest high-tech capital expenditure investor and its third largest investor in global R&D. It is the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers based on revenue and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors. The top customers for Intel in 2015 were companies: HP Inc, Dell, and Lenovo.

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